Drug Profiles Updated information architecture, with drug variations at the center of the experience, brings cost transparency to the forefront. By Savannah Lim
Health Profile A required step to use Oscar's Virtual Care, the health survey is faster and easier to complete, focused on clinically useful questions. By Sarah Mitrano
Medication Savings A pilot project suggesting cost-effective alternatives to existing medications that saves Oscar and members money. By Sarah Mitrano
Claims 14% of Concierge calls are claims related. Claims now include detailed cost breakdowns and in-context explanations for key insurance terms. By Emili Hsu
Provider Profiles A new design groups similar content into tabs, highlights network status, and places appointment details in a consistent space. By Savannah Lim
HiOscar.com Navigation A scalable navigation supports multiple user types and future region expansion, and follows WCAG 2.0 requirements. By Jonathan Wilson